About The Office

Office Amenities

Our office has been designed to ensure your comfort and relaxation, whether in the lobby or receiving dental treatment in the chair. We pride ourselves with making sure that all of our patients are comfortable at their appointments. Every care has been taken to ensure that our dental office is soothing and comforting, including the provision of complimentary parking, comfortable dental chairs situated in private treatment rooms, warm colors, and relaxing background music.

Among other office amenities, we offer our patients complimentary water bottles, lip balm, and warm, moist toilettes to freshen up after treatment. We also supply you with pre-pasted toothbrushes if you would like to brush your teeth before your visit. In addition, after all cleaning appointments, patients are provided a complimentary gift bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

Post-treatment Care

We strive to ensure that patients are comfortable following procedures. For example, should you require additional medication, we will call your pharmacy to fill prescriptions before you leave our office in order to prepare them for pickup at your earliest convenience. Patients are educated as to post-treatment instructions, and always are encouraged to call the office in the event of any further questions or concerns.

Referrals to Excellent Specialists

We work with and have great relationships with endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and periodontists in the area. Should additional treatment be required, we will be happy to schedule appointments for you and communicate with the other office throughout your treatment so that x-rays, information, and reports are shared between our office and the specialist’s office.

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